Chicago, USA and skyline photography

Have you wondered which city has the most beautiful skyline in North-America? Personally, I would vote for Chicago. The city has a lot of great places where you can take nice skyline photos. The skydeck, for example, has extended glass boxes to have a greater view of the skyline. This is not for people who are afraid of heights!I’ve had a lot of opportunities to do some skyline photography in Chicago. When I was walking to the waterfront of Chicago, I had the chance to capture the pictures below.

At the Buckingham Fountain in Chicago, I experimented with a flashlight and long exposure. Me and 2 guys I met in a hostel in Chicago managed to create the shot below.

Here’s one with the fountain in full action.

During the day.

The reflection of the Cloud Gate in Millennium Park is another great way to snap the skyscrapers of Chicago…

Another great place to snap Chicago’s skyline is Navy Pier.

Before leaving Chicago, Mother Nature treated me with these amazing bolts of lightning. Such big lightning are really unseen in Europe.

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  1. I was astounded by the aesthetic beauty of the Chicago skyline during a road trip I went on out west. It was on a clear night, with the lights and all. What man can create is a wonder. I can see why it’s rated as the most beautiful skyline in the U.S. I think New York City is jealous. Wow!


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