Free 4 fast lane passes for Belgian Beobank MasterCard holders

As I discussed earlier in a post about star alliance gold status access to the fast lane is one of the perks you get as a gold status holder. Fast lane access allows you to go through airport security without standing in line with the majority of the other passengers. You’ll be able to get through security much faster. Having a gold status, a business class ticket, an American Express Platinum card or simply buying a fast lane pass are known ways to get access to the fast lane. Now you’ll be able to get fast lane passes through Beobank credit cards.

Mastercard Travel Rewards

MasterCard is currently having a promotion for everyone who owns one of the listed Beobank mastercards below, or who registers for one of the cards this year. You’ll get 4 complimentary fast lane passes as the cardholder + one guest. This promotion is very lucrative as fast lane access costs €11,90 per entry on the official website of Brussels Airport.

The following cards are eligible for this promotion:

  • FlyingBlue World/Premium MasterCard
  • Beobank Elite Travel MasterCard
  • Beobank Extra (World) MasterCard
  • Beobank Q8 World MasterCard
  • Beobank Neckermann World MasterCard

If you already own one of those cards, you’re lucky to get free additional benefits. If you don’t have a Beobank credit card yet, you might consider registering for the Beobank Q8 World MasterCard, which is the card with the lowest annual fee eligible for this promotion. The card can be cancelled at any time and the annual fee is only €5. This will get you 4 fast lane passes with all the other credit card benefits, as listed on the website of Beobank.

The promotion is current and can be stopped at their own discretion.

Please read the terms and conditions of the cards before registering.

I myself have, in addition to the Brussels Airlines Premium American Express, a Flyingblue Premium MasterCard. This is one of the Beobank credit cards that are eligible for the free 4 annual fast lane passes. After installing the MasterCard Travel Rewards App, I was able to sign in easily with my credit card details. The app now shows 4 travel passes which can be used in a lot of international airports around the world, including Brussels Airport.

The passes are only usable if the credit card holder is the traveller and optionally, including one additional person (guest). It seems you need to book time slots when you’ll be passing through fast lane. This booking can also be performed last-minute, so you don’t have to worry about when you’ll eventually arrive at security.

I was very glad to see that MasterCard decided to add extra travel benefits to their premium cards. It certainly is an advantage for people who often use international airports. As a gold status holder myself, I cannot share my fast lane access with a guest. With those passes however, I’m able to take non-status holders through security more quickly.

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