Review: Hahn Air Cessna Citation Private Jet Flight

This flight has been a once in a lifetime experience. On several forums it was posted that you could book a reasonable priced business class flight from Düsseldorf to Madrid with various stopovers. One of the stopovers that you could include was a flight from Düsseldorf to Luxemburg with a Cessna citation flown by Hahn Air.

I was able to create a booking for three business class flights including this Cessna flight. The itinerary looked like this and costed me only 160 US dollars.

The ticket I bought for 160 USD

The itinerary involved a whole day flying but I had access to airport lounges, had great food and drinks throughout the day and on top of that I took it as an opportunity to visit Madrid and I was able to walk in the city of Luxemburg for a few hours.

The scheduled route of my itinerary

I started my trip in Düsseldorf airport. I was too early at the check-in counter because I was excited for this day and waited until a check-in agent would arrive. As soon as the check-in counter opened, I went to the agent to check-in for the flight. I received my boarding pass and the check-in agent immediately closed the counter as I was the only passenger on this flight.

Boarding pass of my private jet fligfht

I quickly went through the security, grabbed some breakfast at the airport lounge and went to “my personal gate” to wait for boarding.

Hahn Air gate right before boarding

After the gate opened, a bus took me right in front of the plane.

My ‘private’ bus to the aircraft

After a few minutes, the bus arrived at the Cessna Citation. It seemed so unreal that I would be flying that plane as the only passenger!

The Cessna Citation operated by Hahn Air

After a short briefing by the captain, I was informed that the flight would take about 30 minutes to Luxemburg and that I’ll be able to consume a drink and snack after take-off.

Cabin and briefing card of the Cessna Citation operated by Hahn Air

Shortly after boarding, the two pilots and I were ready to take off. I had a control panel next to me where I could control cabin lights, temperature and even audio.

Cabin control panel inside the Cessna Citation

The plane took off to Luxemburg and shortly after take-off, we started the landing procedure.

View from the Cessna Citation cabin

As we arrived after a 30 minute flight in Luxemburg, I took the bus to the city centre. A few hours later it was time to take the remaining flights of my itinerary. The second flight was from Luxemburg to Frankfurt with Lufthansa.

Boarding pass for my flight to Frankfurt taken inside the Senator lounge in Luxemburg

Upon arrival in Frankfurt, I had a few hours of layover before catching a flight to Madrid. The long layover is totally fine, because Frankfurt has a lot of Star Alliance airport lounges so I could hop lounges throughout the whole evening. One of my favourite lounges is the Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge. This lounge is very quiet during the day and has a very modern interior.

Entrance of the Maple Leaf Lounge in Frankfurt
Selection of alcoholic drinks in the Maple Leaf Lounge in Frankfurt

The last flight I took, was a Fifth Freedom flight by LATAM Airlines, a South American airline. A Fifth Freedom flight is a flight that stops at two different destinations, before flying back to its initial departure airport. Flights between European countries are usually served by short haul air planes such as the Boeing 737 and Airbus A320. Those air planes have a standard business class cabin, while long haul air planes have a different business class cabin with the usual lie-flat seats. Therefore, a Fifth Freedom flight allows you to fly a short destination within Europe in an exclusive premium cabin.

LATAM Business Class cabin with lie-flat seats from Frankfurt to Madrid
Diner at LATAM Business class Frankfurt to Madrid

After a long day of three flights, I arrived at Madrid. This was an amazing once in a lifetime experience which even earned me air miles during the process. If you want to have the same luck to stumble on such an amazing deal, I recommend you to read my how to book cheap flights post.

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